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While our team at Gantt Family Law will work hard for you in court, sometimes litigation is not the best option for you and your family.  Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is an option for family law disputes, which can keep your case out of court.



  • Mediation:  Mediation is a confidential negotiation practice where parties agree to employ a neutral mediator to oversee discussions in an attempt at resolution.  Mediators are often lawyers or other professionals who have been trained in mediation techniques.  They cannot force parties to act and cannot give legal advice.  Their role is to consider each party’s position and the evidence at hand, thus guiding both sides to resolve the matter in an equitable and fair manner.

  • Arbitration:  Arbitration involves an agreed upon arbitrator, rather than a judge.  It can be less expensive and time consuming, while providing parties more privacy than litigation.  An arbitrator issues binding judgments on specific issues.

  • Collaborative Law:  Collaborative law allows parties to consult with experts who guide them to a mutually beneficial resolution of the case at hand. 


The attorneys at Gantt Family Law understand that every client has different goals.  We work closely with our clients to understand their particular needs and consider carefully the best method for each case.  Contact one of our family law attorneys to discuss how we can assist you and your family. 

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Alternative Dispute


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