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Helping North Carolina Spouses Manage Spousal Support

In North Carolina, a dependent spouse can obtain financial support from a supporting spouse when the marriage ends. Spousal support can be ordered by a court or agreed to in a separation agreement or consent order. It may get awarded as a lump sum or continually. Contact an attorney at Gantt Family Law to determine whether you are entitled to an alimony award, if you may be required to pay spousal support, or if you would like to modify or terminate your payments.

Spousal Support Options In North Carolina

These are two common types:

  • Post-Separation Support: Financial compensation for a dependent spouse after a couple separates. Post-separation support typically gets paid out over a 12-month period.
  • Alimony: Payments a dependent spouse gets after divorce. Alimony can be paid as a fixed amount or over a specified period. Alimony typically helps dependent spouses maintain their standard of living after the marriage ends.

Learn which type is right for you. Our attorneys can help you review your situation and offer guidance to help you make a decision.

How Do You Pay Spousal Support?

One spouse pays a fixed sum in a monthly installment. Spousal support can typically continue for half the length of the marriage. However, various circumstances can affect the initial agreement and require spouses to reassess their current plan, like if the paying spouse loses their job or the receiving spouse gets remarried. There are sometimes alternatives to monthly payments that can be negotiated with the help of your lawyer.

How Do You Determine Spousal Support Rates?

In North Carolina, spouses can determine support payments by the difference between their incomes. Total amounts can vary based on personal circumstances. We can help you determine how much you earn or owe.

We Can Advocate For Your Spousal Support Needs

Suppose you are considering a divorce or separation from your spouse. In that case, alimony is something you may need to address in your case. Our team at Gantt Family Law can help calculate a fair support payment and fight for your best interests, whether through mediation and settlement or with litigation. Our divorce attorneys are ready to guide you through this process and weigh how these factors can impact your alimony award. Call 919-518-9540 or complete our online form to discuss how we can protect your financial future.

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