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Attorneys Uncovering Hidden Assets In Raleigh

During divorce, it is not uncommon for one spouse to attempt to conceal assets or income to prevent them from being included in the division of marital property. Referred to as hidden assets, these could include anything from cash stashed away in a secret bank account to undervalued or disguised property, investments or businesses. An experienced Raleigh hidden assets attorney can help uncover these assets, ensuring a fair division of marital property.

With more than 35 years of combined experience handling complex asset division cases, Gantt Family Law is the team of asset division lawyers you want by your side in Raleigh, providing expert guidance and strategic advocacy to safeguard your interests and ensure a favorable outcome in your divorce proceedings.

Top 10 Ways To Locate Hidden Assets During A Divorce

Determining if your former spouse has hidden assets during a divorce can be complex, but there are a couple of common methods to find them.

  1. Voluntary disclosure inspection
  2. Inquiries during deposition
  3. Formal requests for involuntary disclosure
  4. Lifestyle investigations
  5. Analysis of financial records and statements
  6. Examination of business records and partnerships
  7. Review of tax returns and filings
  8. Examination of real estate transactions and property holdings
  9. Investigation into offshore accounts or hidden investments
  10. Utilization of computer forensic techniques to uncover digital trails of hidden assets

Whether the hidden assets are in the form of cryptocurrencies or other modern assets, the team at Gantt Family Law will help employ specialized digital forensic techniques and expert analysis to trace and uncover these assets, helping ensure equitable distribution of property during your divorce proceedings in Raleigh.

Award-Winning Asset Division Attorneys In Raleigh

When looking for an experienced asset division attorney in Raleigh, North Carolina, Gantt Family Law is the beacon of excellence. Renowned for our relentless advocacy and unwavering commitment to our clients, we stand out as protectors who fiercely fight for your rights and interests. With numerous accolades and achievements under our belt, we are dedicated to safeguarding your fair share of assets.

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