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Jeremy White

Richard Gantt was highly recommended to me by a friend. He did not disappoint! I had several issues I needed to address; some of which were standard submittals and some that needed to be negotiated. When all was said and done, I was able to get everything I wanted without even stepping into the courtroom. Not only that, but he took my case in a county that be normally doesn’t work in because I was running out of time. Very professional and focused on getting his clients the best outcome possible. I’d recommend him to anyone.


This woman will fight tirelessly, fiercely, and compassionately for you. She will go without sleep, investigate thoroughly, and will probably end up being a trusted friend! She was extremely thorough in my case and knew my case “more than I know my own children”, and she proved it. I cannot say enough good about Eva, and the Richard Gantt law firm in general. They genuinely care. They really want to help. And Eva is incredibly knowledgeable and goes far beyond what is asked.

Stephen Beal

Richard is helping me with some custody issues with my ex. I can’t tell everyone enough how thankful I am to have him in my side. The stress he has taken off me has been amazing. I’m very pleased with his work. I have used Various attorneys over the years for different things but he is by far one of the most Competent. Not only does he know the law but he also understands what your going through and is very understanding. I will continue to use Richard for all my family law needs and I encourage everyone else to contact him if they need help. You won’t regret it!

Bill Stevens

I worked with Richard for more than a year. I got to know him and realized early that he possessed a unique sense of humor. He also has a strong desire to help people and more integrity than most people I have met in 2 centuries. I wish Richard would run for office and bring that sense of fair play and integrity back to politics. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. As an attorney Richard has practiced those things that are ethical and in his clients best interest. Give him a chance and you won't go wrong.

Tama Guerra

Richard did an amazing job representing me in a custody battle. I was extremely worried about my situation and wasn’t sure anyone would be able to help me. Richard fought hard for me and was a great advocate in court. He persuaded the Judge to order the outcome I was hoping for, and I was so thrilled and thankful for that result. I highly recommend Richard to anyone who needs a divorce lawyer to fight for them!


Not many lawyers will take on a case after its been settled and there is an agreement in place. I needed to go back to adjust the amount, take off my oldest, and a couple of other things I don’t want to get into. Not only did I get every single thing I was wanting, not expecting, wanting, but we never even had to go to court to do it. Richard is an exemplary lawyer. He is the only one I will ever use again as long as he’s practicing. Thank you again sir


Divorce is very unsettling and unpleasant; my situation was no exception! Richard helped me to understand the process, guided me as to what information was needed, and worked with me to help ensure the outcome was as favorable as can be by the state of NC. My divorce was the first time I needed this level of counsel, but I felt at ease because Richard attentive, strategic and detailed-oriented in protecting my interests during the separation and final divorce. In the end, his effort made it feel like "a win" - knowing that no-one wins in divorce. I've been happily divorced for over several years and wanted to give my thanks to Mr. Gantt. I would recommend him to anyone; for he will definitely look out for your best interest!


I've been happily divorced for over a year and wanted to give my thanks to Mr. Gantt. Divorce is always horrible, and my situation was no exception! My ex is a high-conflict, illogical, and histrionic individual, and Mr. Gantt helped me navigate thru the nightmare process of divorce. He instructed and guided me carefully on every part of the process. He was also very straight-forward about what was included in each step - including the duties to be performed, cost, timeline, etc. The final outcome of my divorce was the best outcome the state of NC could allow me. Mr. Gantt also went above and beyond with provisions and advice that made the cost of divorce a "break-even" outcome for me. 

Marc Vaglio-Laurin

Richard Gantt represented me as my divorce attorney in 2016. While the process is of course unpleasant, Richard helped take some of the stung out of it. Based on his many years of experience, he was able to effectively guide me as to what to expect, what was reasonable, and how long things would take to resolve. I put my full confidence in Richard and he did not disappoint. 

Edgardo Parilla

I hired Richard to help me get through a contentious divorce after having let someone else go; I never looked back. Richard is sharp, crystal-clear on the law and will not hesitate to put up the good fight for what is right and equitable. Divorce is never easy, but Richard had the sensibility to put things into perspective for me and I never felt he was gouging me for fees. My divorce was the first time I needed this level of counsel, but I felt at ease because Richard was surgically aggressive, strategic and detailed-oriented in protecting my interests during the separation and final divorce.


I worked with Richard on my divorce case and he was able to speak with me understand the concerns of my case and help with get through it. He had my best interest at heart and based on my case was able to have my ex wife and her attorney come to a much more fairer equitable distribution claim than what was originally proposed. Richard is easy to work with and is always there for your call. Thanks Richard for helping though one of the toughest times!!

Britt Keele

One thing to know a divorce is decided based on facts, interpretation of the law, and what can be argued on your favor, emotion unfortunately does not decide the outcome or the process. Richard does an amazing job of understanding the law, explaining it for you, and helping guide you towards the best decision and outcome. emotions could our judgment and decipher making proces when we are overwhelmed by them, and a divorce certainly does that. Richard understands this and while he empathizes with what your are going through, he holds himself as the rock that is ever vigilant to the best outcome for you and everyone involved. He takes care of the legal aspect so you can take care of yourself and the new life you will find.


Richard worked with me on my divorce case and it was anything but simple. I found Richard to be smart, thoughtful, kind and strong. I liked that he wasn't blustery and didn't promise the moon. He was able to get through a lot of the smoke and mirrors that the other side was throwing up and get down to the facts. My case ultimately went to trial and Richard was successful in securing a fair outcome. I would highly recommend Richard to those looking for an honest, fair, straight-shooter who will tell you like it is and will be a strong advocate.


After being married for 13 years, I was going through a rough separation. This was not easy for me and the separation also involved a custody battle for our child. I met with several attorneys and all of them were suitable. I just didn't need a suitable attorney, I needed an experienced, litigation savvy attorney. Richard Gannt was that attorney. When we met over lunch, he was informatiive, empathetic and also ready to do battle in the courtroom. Richard was available to talk day and night. He has thought of innovative ways to proceed with all aspects of my divorce/separation. I have recommended Richard to all my friends who are going through a divorce. This process has not been an easy one but Richard has lessened the pain significantly. When I saw him in court, I was glad that he was my attorney and wasn't questioning me. Richard Gantt has given me back something I thought I would never have again, Peace of Mind. Thanks Richard

Desmond Cutler

Mr. Gantt also went above and beyond with provisions and advice that made the cost of divorce a "break-even" outcome for me. Divorce is still expensive, but he saved me thousands of dollars of expense with several of our maneuvers. In the end, his effort made it feel like "a win" - knowing that no-one wins in divorce. And, some of our maneuvers could still benefit me, based on certain situations that may occur. I appreciated all the effort and time Mr. Gantt spent with my divorce. I would recommend him to anyone - especially if they have a high-conflict ex. Thanks again Mr. Gantt.

Greg Gentry

I am sure that divorce is difficult for everyone. My case was no different. I have no doubt that it would have so much more difficult without Richard Gantt's help. He always had my best interests in the forefront. If I ever had a question or concern, he was always available to me. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone in need of his services. The outcome of my case was certainly much better than I had hoped for.

Roxanne Jones

Anything I have ever needed in regards to child custody, Richard has provided and has been by my side. He is thorough, precise, and understands the emotional turmoil families go through in this process. I highly recommend his service to anyone in the Triangle area.

Jennifer Wood-Paxson

Richard Gantt is representing me during my divorce. It is the hardest time in my life but he has made this transition easier with his knowledge. He always goes above and beyond and is very thorough. He is everything you want in an attorney and I highly recommend him!

Carmen Kelly Cox

It is difficult to find a family law attorney that is reasonably priced, competent and effective. He really listens and understands each case is unique. I can't recommend him highly enough.

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